When I was little, my mother used to work at home, typing long texts for students who wanted to become academics. When she switched to an electric typewriter I got the mechanical one and started to play with it. I loved the clicking of the keys and the “ding!” at the end of each line. I couldn’t even read at the time but I knew then and there that I wanted to be a writer.

The magic of bedtime-stories already had me in its grip and I wanted to learn how to do that magic. After the ordeal of learning to read and write I started my career with what today would be called fan-fiction. It took more than twenty years from there until I got offered money for my writing for the first time. Encouraged by the experience I started to take my writing seriously, visited creative writing workshops, took part in competitions and won with a short story.

Three self-published books in German and uncountable public readings later, I have switched to writing in English. I feel I can express myself more accurately in English; the words simply suit me better. And here, on the other side of the language barrier, my love for language meets my fascination with death and funerals and spins into an adventurous story about an alternative undertaker in Albuquerque New Mexico… GRAVE.