Death Positive Network


Since starting research for my novel GRAVE about an alternative undertaker I have learned a lot about death care around the world and came to know many wonderful people who share my interest in death and funerals. Among them members of The Order of the Good Death Megan Rosenbloom (Death Salon), Sarah Chavez (Death & the Maiden), and “mother to her deathlings” Caitlin Doughty (picture right) who represents the Death Positive movement on social media, in her youtube series, through her books, Ted talks and more.

At the Death Salon UK 2014 I met Caitlin in person for the first time (photo) and a year later again at the Death Salon 2015 in Philadelphia. I have written experience reports about both events:

The Death Salon UK 2014 Experience
The Death Salon UK 2014

When I told friends I’d be going to the Death Salon, some thought it would be some kind of three-day-Goth-Party in London (probably worshipping Count Dracula as the sexiest man… well, ever).

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Death Salon at Mütter Museum Philadelphia 2015
Dath Salon at Mütter Museum Philadelphia 2015

Sunday noon, people gathered for a guided tour organized by the Obscura Society Philly (short for Philadelphia) through historic St. Peter's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Old Pine Church Graveyard, and Christ Church Burial Ground.

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